Does Mp3 Album Maker support VBR

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Does Mp3 Album Maker support VBR

Postby makeitone » Thu Jan 06, 2005 2:15 am

Q: Does Mp3 Album Maker support VBR

A: The answer is yes and no, so, not perfect, but not bad:
Yes - Mp3 Album Maker currently supports any Mp3 which is 96-320Kbps 44KHz 16bit Stereo, you will have no problems playing the joined Mp3s. Mp3 Album Maker's support for VBR is no worse currently than any other Album Maker/Joiner/Wrapper Mp3 application.

No - the duration of the album will be misreported as it will be calculated by the bitrate of the first Mp3 frame of the first track, there are no other Album Maker/Joiner/Wrapper applications that do this correctly, as far as I know.[/b]
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