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The MakeitOne MP3 Album Maker allows you to pack/join your MP3 files in a single file - whilst still allowing full playability, tag editing and unpacking. With features:

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  • playability
files packed with MP3 Album Maker can be played by any MP3 player
  • tagging
edit the tags on your MP3's, use MP3 Album Maker to pack them in to a single file, edit the tags of your new Album, even include Album Art
  • fully reversible

use MP3 Album Maker to unpack your MP3 files back to their original state

  • drag n drop
drag n drop your MP3's on to MP3 Album Maker and it will pack them into a single MP3 file, drag n drop a single Album onto MP3 Album Maker and it will unpack them for you
  • efficient

designed to achieve the least amount of mouse clicks to produce the results

  • flexible

supports scripting to pack or unpack bulk qauntities of albums/tracks

  • media player support

does your media player support "archive" files? Media players like Zoom Player (using MakeitOne) can unpack the tracks, display the album art and let you play individual tracks
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